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Accounts and Account Management

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If you plan to operate a server that's available for student's personal accounts and available 24/7 to connections outside your local network, here are some tips on setting up accounts:


First off, if you are buying accounts for educational use, buy them from MinecraftEDU.com.  You'll be purchasing activation codes for a standard Minecraft account at a steeply discounted rate thanks to a partnership they have with Mojang.  


If you'll be using the MinecraftEDU server tool in a lab-based environment without the need for students to connect from home, then, there's no need to redeem/register those accounts.  However, if you will be allowing students to use these accounts to connect to a 24/7, local or hosted server, especially from home, then you'll need to set up the accounts.


Here are some tips for setting up accounts:


  • A Google Spreadsheet is your best friend - Create one with all of the account details for your accounts and share it with someone else who may be assisting with the project.
  • When you register the account codes, you'll need an email address.  If your district uses Google Apps and they're willing, have them set up an email account specifically for Minecraft.  If not, set up a standard GMail account yourself.  You can use this same GMail account to create all the accounts using the + trick.  This means that when entering email addresses, you simply add +1, +2, +38373 (you get the idea) to the username portion of the address.  GMail will treat these as the same email address but Mojang (and many other systems) consider them separate, unique addresses.  For example, let's say your GMail account is minecraft@gmail.com.  for Minecraft account #1 you would use the address minecraft+1@gmail.com, for your second account, minecraft+2@gmail.com, and so forth.  This will filter all emails for all accounts into a single address and will make your life much, much easier in the long run.
  • Keep all usernames and passwords in your Google Spreadsheet.  
  • Whether you choose random passwords or use a pattern will depend on how you use the accounts.  In situations where we keep the passwords secure (not sharing the PW with students and manually logging them in), we've used a pattern.  In situations where we've distributed the passwords, we've randomized them (to prevent password guessing).
  • If you need to change passwords, the spreadsheet and using a single email address for all accounts will come in handy.
  • If you make changes, don't forget to update your spreadsheet! 





Here are the steps we used in Pender County Schools to create and manage our Minecraft accounts:


1.  To manage the accounts we created a primary account for the school district then, using it, purchased gift codes (20 in all for our program).  This required two separate purchases since you seem to be limited to purchasing a maximum of 10 at a time.


2.  Upon completing your purchase, you'll receive an email on the primary account with a list of your gift-able codes.  You'll also see all of your codes on the Profile page of the account gifting the codes.


3.  Create the student accounts on Minecraft.net.  We used a standard naming system such as builder_1, builder_2, etc...  Boring, yes, but since we were maintaining the accounts and are unaware whether a male or female student would be using them, we opted to be more generic.  We set them up using generic email accounts we were already using for other game-based programs through our district's Google Apps account.  If this is not an option for you, consider creating GMail accounts for this purpose.


4.  Once the account is created at Minecraft.net, click the Redeem Code link and enter code you've assigned to that account.


5.  It is highly recommended that you create a spreadsheet or Google document to manage this information!


6.  Once the accounts are created and the codes redeemed, distribute them to students.




Created Avatars for the students at both of the schools (male and female versions)...

The male avatar is derived from the base model ("Steve") included in the game, and the female comes from the Jazzy avatar found on Minecraft-skins.net.



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