Language Arts Lessons and Ideas


Procedural Writing Activities


[Note: This is just the beginnings of an activity idea. It still needs to be fleshed out and a rubric created,etc. Please feel free to add anything that you think will be helpful.]


Adding to Melanie's Explorer's Journal page, which has great ideas for creative writing, I was thinking of ways we could use the game as a springboard for non-fiction and procedural writing. Understanding and creating non-fiction texts is always a popular unit with Primary learners as it lets them pick an area of interest and create texts around that. These activity ideas could be used for learners engaged and inspired by minecraft.


These activities assume some scaffolding in the mechanics of procedural writing. Teacher created minecraft guides can be used as a model for students too. The activitiy can happen either offline, but most likely students will want to be in game as they write to check their steps, etc. One way to ensure this works is to suggest the students making jot notes (point form), or a rough copy while playing the game. These notes can be refined and fleshed out offline.


Creating How To & Strategy Guides


Building a Structure

Pick a simple structure that you built and create a step by step guide on how you did it. Some things to consider: What materials do you need? How do you get those materials? What tools will you need? Where is the best place to build your structure (ie near water, high on a hill, etc)?


Have a friend follow your step by step guide to see how effective it is. Have you missed any steps? Are your instructions clear and easy to understand?


Finding Minerals

Create a guide that will help players find valuable minerals like coal and iron. Where are the best places to look (ie near water, under gravel?) What tools will you need before you start to dig?


Strategy Guides

 Write your strategies for defeating or avoiding creepers, skeletons and zombies. If you choose to fight, what weapons will you need? What tactics do you need to defeat the monster? (ie running from a creeper when you hear the "hissing" sound.)



A lot more possibilities - will add more coming days. - Liam