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Bukkit and Plugins

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Pender County Schools currently operates two Minecraft servers, using Mac Minis.  Both servers are running Spigot (an optimized version of Bukkit).


Here are the plugins we currently use:


Essentials - a set of plugins that allow a variety of commands including teleports, warps, jails, etc.  Very useful.  We're also using the Economy feature of Essentials on our Survival Server.  We also use Essentials Group manager used to create various groups and assign permissions to each.


CoreProtect - a "security" plugin that allows admins to detect incidents of griefing, to rollback damage to structures, etc.


Multiverse - a set of plugins that allow you to host multiple "worlds" on a single server.  Using Multiverse Portals, you can create teleports between the worlds, too.


MineBackup - automatically backs up Minecraft worlds on your server.


DynMap - allows you to create a web-based, Google-Earth-style map of your world accessible from the Web.


NoSwearPlus - filters swear words and bans players after three warnings.  (Also filters website links.)


WorldGuard - allows the protection of specific regions, defining who can build, monster spawning, damage, PvP, etc.


WorldEdit - allows advanced building tools, the import and export of "schematics," and more.


PlayerLogger - logs all chats and actions of players.




(These are Survival Server Only)


Lockette - allows users to securely lock chests and doors.


Towny - allows students to create and organize "towns."


iChestShop - allows students to set up shops for buying and selling goods via chests.



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